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How we work

The spine is the protective and regulating part of the nervous system. We assess the intricate functioning of the spine and joints throughout the body. Restrictions, tensions and misalignment found are addressed by the way of chiropractic adjustments.


Healing requires an investment of both time and other resources. To achieve the best results we will recommend a personalised schedule of adjustments with periodic examinations to track your progress. Our aim is to see you thrive!

For whom?

Chiropractic care is for everyone who wants to support their health and live at their optimum potential. We care for all ages - from birth to the golden years - everyone is welcome!


First Visit

During your first visit we will discuss your history and perform a thorough physical, orthopaedic and neurological examination. We will also perform a range of tests including posture, weight distribution and your vital signs that will be used to track your progress. You will then receive your first adjustment if appropriate.

Second Visit - Chiropractic explanation & recommendations

During this visit we will discuss our findings and recommend your schedule of care. You will also receive an adjustment.


Every 12 visits or at least yearly, whether you are new to the practice or have been coming to us for years, we will perform a re-examination to measure your progress and assess your future care.


First Visit: £65

Second Visit: £40

Normal Visits and re-examinations: £40


Health Insurance

We are no longer consultants with the Insurance Companies. We will happily provide you with receipts if you have a health insurance that covers chiropractic care.


We are registered with the General Chiropractic Council and member of the United Chiropractic Association.

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