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Jane and Claire have created a wonderful atmosphere in their studio, where professionalism and personability go hand in hand. It's always refreshing to encounter professionals who not only excel in their craft but also make you feel comfortable and valued as a client. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else! Thank you to both of you.


Absolutely fantastic I went there in agony I had a problem with my disc I had a full assessment then had a 6 week course which worked wonders . I now go once a month just to stay on top of it I highly recommend.

Scott Ambrose

Been going for years, helped me when I needed it most and ongoing maintenance now to keep me mobile.

I have been using Penkridge Chiropractic for many years now; in fact not long after Jane first opened. At that point my neck and back was in a bit of a mess and constantly going into spasm, so was stopping me doing a lot of things, which isn't good when you're self employed! Initially I was having to go 3 times a week, but then gradually went to once a week.

Nowadays I only have to go every 6 weeks or so, for maintenance more than anything, and even when I don't feel like I really need treatment, I still go and come out feeling glad that I kept the appointment. I find that even though you don't realise it, you end up getting quite hunched up when doing a sedentary job and sitting at a desk a lot, so following a session with Jane, you end up feeling 2" taller when you come out.

Sometimes, if I have been doing too much DIY or anything and end up with a twinge or something in my neck or back, I book another visit in when needed which is great to get back to feeling normal again.

Even my other half, who is one of those people that takes a lot to make her go to a doctor if she's in pain, now goes to see Jane as well, to keep her back and shoulder pain free.

Both Jane and Claire (on reception) are a great team; very friendly and welcoming. So you're in pain, even headaches, go and pay these guys a visit; you'll be glad you did.



Jane is fabulous I’ve been with her a while and I always leave feeling fantastic and energised

Kate Mcgloin

I have been using the clinic for two years and prior to treatment my pain was debilitating. Periodic treatment keeps my posture aligned and the pain has gone. Jane and Claire are caring professionals and I fully recommend the clinic to those in pain who seek relief.

I have been going to see Claire and Jane for years now and they are the most lovely and professional people I have ever met. I would highly recommend.

Thomas Hickman

The team have been keeping me & the wife mobile and living a more comfortable life for a few years now.
Cannot recommend highly enough!

Elliot Goodbody

I have been seeing Jane now for several years. At my first appointment, I couldn't move my neck at all to the left and only slightly better on the right.

Jane had my neck moving again and also aligned my back. Exercises were given that help keep everything moving. Jane is very professional and friendly. Every procedure is explained beforehand and takes things easy if you are a little concerned about something.


The receptionist is Claire, and again, very friendly.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Penkridge Chiropractic.

Yvonne Preece

Can't recommend enough, very friendly, Ive been going for years, monthly maintenance keeps me mobile and pain free.

Jayne Shirey

Wow what a service , what a place , having initially contacted the practice by phone in severe pain advise was given consultation booked an in person assessment and treatment plan put in place .i know the work being carried out will benefit me for years to come.

Lee Robinson

Amazing place the team are so friendly and put you at ease as soon as you walk in. I've been using Jane for a few years now and I can highly recommend her, I've been in some really bad states and Jane has got me back back my feet.

Kurt Gardiner

After some thirty years of spinal pain; which got progressively worse, and numerous exercise programs that exacerbated the problems culminating in losing most of the use in my arms neck and right side of my torso I began treatment at Penkridge chiropractic.

After a thorough appraisal of my physical condition, my first treatment left me able to turn my head and raise my arms aloft pain free. The ongoing treatment has put my mobility back beyond any and all of my expectations.

The staff are very engaging and professional with a wealth of knowledge skilfully applied. I am not by nature someone who gives praise without very good reason, this appraisal is deserved for an exemplary service.

Brian Smallman

The best thing I ever did was go to Jane to help sort out my back! Unreal how much relief I felt from the pain of my slipped disc just in a couple of sessions! Really changed my day to day life, been using penkridge chiropractic now for around 3/4 months and will continue to go every 2 weeks for the foreseeable.

Great service, very friendly and hospitable staff cannot recommended enough

Jack Hamilton

I cannot put into words what Jane has done for me over the years.
I have suffered with 'Cluster' Headaches for over a decade, five years ago these became Chronic and unbearable and after six months of doctors, specialists, head scans and so much medication I was at very low point. I heard about Chiropractic treatment and went to see Jane, after a while the headaches disappeared, no medication. I had the chronic cluster headaches re-appear again in early 2022, I again went through the same procedure with doctors, specialists and medication. Knowing that there is no medical cure I promptly went back to Jane and have been cluster headache free again for quite some time now.

I keep up my appointments with Jane now on a regular basis even though the pain has gone. Unfortunately I didn't listen to the advise she gave me of keeping up my treatments five years ago, (Sorry Jane ).

I owe you so much Jane, thank you and I would highly recommend you to anyone. XX
Thank you too Claire for being lovely and always welcoming XX


Been going to Jane for a couple of years now , I was in really bad pain when I first started treatment could hardly get out of bed, and now even though I’m still not 100% pain free all the time I’m a completely different person, it’s not just the treatment it’s the personal touch of a small team and the after treatment such as stretches etc to do in between visits. Would 100% recommend

I Love receiving adjustments from Jane, she's vibrant and I really love the healing energy of the place!

Very professional and easy to talk to with lots of ideas on how to make day to day living less painful. I would fully recommend the chiropractor and her staff are lovely too x

Excellent service, highly recommended, can't recommend Jane highly enough:-)

Came to see jane after being told I had sciatica by a gp who threw painkillers at me and offered no real advice. Really helpful and feel much better after a week or two of seeing jane. Would definitely recommend her service.

Both the hospital doctors and our own doctor said I had a trapped nerve, but the only relief they supplied was tablets which just semi masked the pain. But after just a couple of weeks of treatment by Jane, most of the pain has gone and I am nearly fully mobile again. Plus she found where the cause of my pain was, which none of the doctors could find, excellent service.

Can’t speak highly enough of Jane, I have chronic back problems, she keeps me off medication and on my feet .xx

Would highly recommend to anyone to go here. Lovely people and great treatment.

Excellent treatment and pleasant and helpful staff. Highly recommended.

Simple: Jane relieves the pain. Excellent service. Thanks as always

Jane has done wonders with my back, highly recommend a visit.

I have had two treatments so far and the results have been fantastic! I have suffered with bad posture for years and the recent birth of my first child hasn't helped. I felt the results after the first visit and I look forward to completing the course.

A big thank you to jane for sorting out my neck. many thanks.

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